The Terror of Termites

The Terror of Termites

Termites can wreak havoc on homes and cause stress and financial strain to homeowners. In fact, it is estimated termites cause around $5 billion in home damage each year! That is a lot of money spent and with precautionary steps, much of it could have been avoided.

In this video by Pestworld, learn some precautionary steps you can take to prevent termites. For instance, termites are attracted to moisture, so eliminating dampness around the home is key. Repairing things like leaky pipes right away is crucial, as is ensuring cracks are addressed in a timely manner. Mulch is also attractive to termites so if you use it, keep it as far away from your home as possible.

What’s the number one thing to do? Call in a pest control company that specializes in termites to evaluate your home for signs of termites or potential scenarios that can cause termites. Termites don’t mess around, so neither should you!

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