Whisteblower Keeps the Mice Away

Whisteblower Keeps the Mice Away

Video of mice crawling on the floor, scurrying across the grill, and hopping through the soda dispenser caught the eye of Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, Georgia.  These mice had made a home in a local restaurant, called the Krystal, and weren’t showing any signs of moving on.

A whistleblower, who remains unidentified, easily caught the rodents on film for one reason: there were so many of them.

“They’re extremely bold. About a week ago they were all over the grills and in the dining room, the tables,” the unnamed videographer said.

Other information from this source indicated that the restaurant continued to operate drive-thru operations while exterminators were working inside.

In late May, an inspector with the county health department got a call complaining about mice at the restaurant.  When he arrived for his inspection, he noted that the business had recently been involved in a car and building collision.  He suspected that this breach of the structure may have led to holes that turned into mice tunnels.

Following inspection, the restaurant has taken the proper steps to correct the rodent infestation.

The Krystal restaurant released a statement that read, “After a recent citing by the health department, our teams immediately took action along with professional pest control services to correct the issue.”

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