Trail Cam Shows Raccoon Mother Rescuing Lost Cubs

Trail Cam Shows Raccoon Mother Rescuing Lost Cubs

Taking on foster kids is a big job, but humans are not the only creatures willing to reach out to needy youngsters. It turns out raccoons, as revealed by a night-time trail camera, are capable of acts of altruism as well.

The trail cam is positioned to catch videos of wildlife, and the owner reports sightings of a variety of critters, including bears and foxes. On this night, smack dab in the middle of the screen is a trio of three lost baby raccoons.

They clearly don’t know what to do as dusk approaches. Spooked by something, one tries to climb a small tree but fails. The others also make an attempt but eventually all three siblings scamper out of view to hide. Sometime later, as night has fallen, an adult female with two juvenile cubs of her own, discovers the lost babies.

She can be viewed in the video as upset, going back and forth, seeming to be deciding what to do. Eventually she heads toward the cub hideout (off camera) and slowly lures the three youngsters into her care. The mother, her offspring, and her three adoptees then trot off into the darkness.

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