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Baby Raccoon’s Rescued with Teamwork

At least a half dozen people pitched in to save a trio of 2-week old raccoons found up a tree.  The babies seemed to be camped out, waiting for mom to return, with two in the trees branch and one in the grass.  Fortunately, one very determined woman recruited others to save them from certain death.

The babies were first spotted outside a Care Facility in Ennotville, a town outside Toronto.  A support worker, Michelle Maloney, spied them first but later a resident named Aimee Oliver saw the raccoon’s and decided to take action.

“I was pretty upset,” Olivier said of her initial observations. “I couldn’t concentrate all day. I wanted to go home and rescue them.”

With the help of three different animal care organizations, she did just that.

Her first call was to a local veterinarian, who said he could not help but recommended calling the Humane Society.  Advised to collect the raccoons and bring them in, Oliver recruited her 17-year old son to round them up.  After successfully catching the babies – with the help of an oven mitt to prevent bites – the pair took them to the Humane Society, where they were told it was best to return the baby raccoon’s to their original spot in the hopes that the mother would come back.

The raccoon mother never revisited the area.

The Humane Society could not take the raccoon’s, as they only rescue injured wildlife, but after searching around Oliver found a worker at Animal Care Services to help out.  From there, they were transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation service, where they will grow until they can be released back into the wilds of Canada

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