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Archive for August 2015

Building a future on bugs

Building a future on bugs Centipede Vodka? No thanks, right? No bugs needed! Or is there really a market for just that? Insects are the newest delicacy. Roasting ants, sautéed mopane and even tarantula infused alcohol seem to be all the rave. Insect farms are now booming across North America, even spanning to a few…

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What makes wasps be such jerks?

What makes wasps be such jerks? Who knew that just like humans, bad behavior of wasps turns out to be family related? Wasps are very village family oriented, doing their work on a daily basis for the good of the group instead of the good of just one. Every year hornets and yellow jackets will…

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A patch to stop mosquitos? I’ll take 10!

A patch to stop mosquitos? I’ll take 10! In a recent study, scientists have located a facility that is actually creating a patch to be worn by humans that will disorientate mosquitoes, making us virtually invisible and unwanted to their confused senses. The study walked a user through every home remedy and chemical you can…

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Glowworms Turn Caves Into Natural Starscapes

Glowworms Turn Caves Into Natural Starscapes Stunning, enchanting, and ethereal aren’t adjectives you’d usually find being used for worms or bugs. But when you get a chance to see the “glowing grubs” lighting up New Zealand’s underwater caves, you just might be inclined to concur with wondrous awe. These magnificent incandescent creatures are actually New…

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Gliding Spiders Make an Appearance | Texas Spider Control

Gliding Spiders Make an Appearance A recent science journal published the first study done on various animals that have gliding or flying potential. Among the animals that the group studied, it included a unique kind of spider that is relatively thin compared to how large the spiders are. These flat spiders, which live in the…

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Community of Spiders Moves into Texas | Waco Spider Control

The Hollywood Spider horror films have led to many nightmares in the past, but nothing on the big screen could prepare anyone for truly seeing spider webs consuming entire groups of trees like they recently did in Rowlett, Texas. Down a single road filled with trees, entire webs covering the leaves and branches of these…

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Battling Mosquitos with the Diseases they give us

Battling Mosquitos with the Diseases they give us When it comes to population control and elimination of mosquitos the last thing you might ever expect is to release more of these beasts than there already are in the United States. But that is precisely the proposal given by a number of scientific groups as a…

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Texas Infestation of Aphids

Texas Infestation of Aphids There are a number of insect infestations that you do not want digging through your crops and chewing things up. Unfortunately some areas of Texas have recently discovered some new additions to the pests they already had to deal with. Reports continue to pour in about the sugarcane aphids that are…

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Bed Bugs Are Back! 10 Tips To Protect Yourself

Bed Bugs Are Back! 10 Tips To Protect Yourself A gruesome thing about bed bugs is that you won’t know they’re there unless, usually, it’s too late. A responsible homeowner would usually call a pest control professional for precautionary measures, as these experts can help you guard against common invaders, and not just bed bugs.…

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Cicada Killer

Cicada Killer Molly Keck, an entomologist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, has the scoop on a massive swamp that is showing up in Texas and other parts of the country. They’re one of the largest wasps that we have in Texas.” The cicada killer wasp can grow up to 2 inches long. The insect preys…

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