Texas Infestation of Aphids

Texas Infestation of Aphids

There are a number of insect infestations that you do not want digging through your crops and chewing things up. Unfortunately some areas of Texas have recently discovered some new additions to the pests they already had to deal with. Reports continue to pour in about the sugarcane aphids that are infesting everything in Texas.

The worst part about these little bugs are that they are entirely new to Texas. This will be the first year that the infestation is so strong that it will affect crops and other areas of the fields. This is further added to the fact that there are two kinds of sugarcane aphids; the yellow sugarcane aphid and the sugarcane aphid. They are handled in completely different ways, which is why Agrilife Extension service has been warning people to take samples of any aphids they come across to find out which kind is infesting their crops.

The yellow sugarcane aphids have been around for some time in Texas, so they are managed relatively easily. If the normal sugarcane aphids get to out of hand though, this could result in a situation with a lot of lost crops. This is why farmers need to be adamant about controlling those populations, otherwise they lose their crops.

Because of this confusion between the types of aphids, it has been slowing down the extermination process of these little insects, which ends up helping both types of aphids more than it helps anyone else.

If you have an aphid problem, make sure you figure out which kind they are before you resort to a method in getting rid of them. You could just hurt your crops and the aphids may be unaffected. So be careful out there!

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