Community of Spiders Moves into Texas | Waco Spider Control

The Hollywood Spider horror films have led to many nightmares in the past, but nothing on the big screen could prepare anyone for truly seeing spider webs consuming entire groups of trees like they recently did in Rowlett, Texas.

Down a single road filled with trees, entire webs covering the leaves and branches of these trees can be seen, so large that it looks like only one horse-sized spider could have made it. But in reality it might be something even more frightening. These giant webs are actually made from a community of spiders coming together to form a communal web in which they all prosper.

Strangely enough, this isn’t something that is unheard of. Entire species of spiders are actually devoted to living in groups and making larger webs, and that seems to be one of the species that have made their homes in Texan trees. Luckily that species also isn’t harmful or even dangerous to humans, they lack the ability to really even sink their fangs into human skin, which saves people the trouble of having to call pest control.

So for now, the massive web covered trees can serve as a rather beautiful spectacle that people can enjoy and come see. Still, it certainly does have a rather spooky and almost frightening atmosphere to it to see all that web in a single tree. So if you come across something like this, don’t be too alarmed. In most cases anything spinning a web this large, isn’t likely to be harmful to humans, unless you came across one of those mutant spiders usually rampaging Hollywood movies.

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