Building a future on bugs

Building a future on bugs

Centipede Vodka? No thanks, right? No bugs needed! Or is there really a market for just that? Insects are the newest delicacy. Roasting ants, sautéed mopane and even tarantula infused alcohol seem to be all the rave.

Insect farms are now booming across North America, even spanning to a few new markets in Europe as well. One farm, Next Millennium Farm, is recommending its own cricket flour which was featured on the popular TV show “Shark Tank”. Revenue from the farm has exceeded $100,000 a month in 2015.

While livestock farms cost nearly $300 Billion per year, insect farms cost a mere fraction of the money to run effectively, not to mention the ecological benefits and lower environmental foot print of an insect farm.

Farms like Next Millennium Farm, are working to chance public opinion on the “ew gross” factor of eating bugs like crickets. The protein value in these insects specifically is extremely high. Who knew, eating bugs could be good for you!

These farms could really be the future of farming once research institutions come up with not only the best practices but also then put regulations into place to insure the safety and approval of the FDA.

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