Why do mosquitoes like me?

Why do mosquitoes like me?

I can’t think of anyone that I know that says, “Ya, I like mosquitoes”. However, I have heard time and time again, “I just attract them”. So why is it some people attract the biting flying nuisances?

Scientists may have discovered a possible reason. Is it genetics? In a recent study, mosquitoes were put into a Y shaped tube under the duress of making the decision which side to choose. The scientists had a human set of twins one on each side of the Y. The twins with identical DNA each got bit equally and it seems as though the mosquitoes didn’t favor one or the other.  However, the set of non-identical twins, got different results.

Oder, bacteria, and sweat are a big attractor for mosquitoes. Pregnant women and people carrying extra pounds tend to sweat more which will tend to make them more likely to receive the annoying attention of the mosquito.

The good news is even if you sweat, stink or have built up bacteria in your skin, you can still protect yourself with mosquito repellant to try to save yourself from being bitten. Mosquito bites are not fatal, however they are at least annoying if not painful and overall irritating.

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