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Get out you pesky ants!

How do I keep them away! They are more annoying than the majority of other insects and household pests. What are they? Ants. They make a feast on our leftovers during the summer months, invading our sugar bowls and anywhere else they can find a food source. Here are some things you can do at home to help keep them at bay while you wait for your pest control company to arrive.

Vinegar and its pungent scent will keep them from entering the house if you take the time to spray down the entry ways and any gaps you find. Black pepper will do the trick as well. Turns out these ants aren’t keen on the spice. Because ants use their sense of smell to maneuver, anything you can do to mess this up is a benefit. For instance, you can also place a mint plant or cinnamon sticks and citrus peels near entry ways to confuse them. These items all smell like some of their favorite things, but when the ants smell the aroma but find no food source, they will become confused and go away. Of course there is also the dreaded bug spray, but if you think you have an ant problem, it is always best to call your local pest control expert for help.

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