Grass to keep away mosquitos?

Grass to keep away mosquitos?

The idea is something we have never heard of. Researchers are now testing the chemicals and oils in sweet grass to determine if it is as effective as chemical pesticide. These scientists have already determined that there are two chemical compounds work as repellants.

The sweet grass grows long and is commonly used for basket weaving. Reports from harvesters of the grass report that there is not a mosquito population around the grass. Native American tribes also report that they use the sweet grass in their homes to keep mosquitoes away.

Their next study is to determine if the chemical found in the sweet grass is just as effective as popular insecticides like deet. If they can prove the chemical found in sweet grass deters mosquitos just as effectively, with less poisons and harmful chemicals, they may have broken ground on the future of pesticide.

Mosquitoes are problematic because they carry West Nile and Yellow Fever, to diseases that have the potential to be fatal. A new solution to mosquitos can’t come quickly enough as they adapt to their environment and can create an immunity to the chemicals we currently use.

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