Backyard Blues

Backyard Blues Do you have bare patches in your yard? Places where the grass just won’t seem to grow. Well, it might not be the fertilizer you’re using or that you’re not watering it enough. It could actually be the work of a tiny little pest called a Chinch bug. They usually show up in…

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Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Ash trees are in imminent danger from this burrowing pest. Officials estimate that the state of Minnesota will lose up to 3,000 trees due to this infestation. The little buggers are really hard to detect too. A recent study investigated ways to detect the emerald ash borer. One of the methods…

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Invisible Insects

Invisible Insects We already know that stick insects are great at camouflage. They are able to trick prey and predators into believing they are simply twigs. Well, it turns out their unborn babies may be just as clever. The Journal of Chemical Ecology recently published a study, in which the researchers found that the eggs…

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Moth Ruins Christmas

Moth Ruins Christmas One of the iconic images of Christmas is the Christmas tree decked in ornaments and lights softly glowing in the middle of a room with piles of presents stacked underneath. One tradition many American families partake of is the event of going out with one’s family and cutting down their own Christmas…

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Walking On Walls | Waco Exterminator

Walking On Walls | Waco Exterminator Some insects have the amazing power to defy gravity and actually walk up walls. How is it they can perform this incredible feat? Scientists recently discovered that stick insects use the liquid excreted by their feet to unstick their feet from vertical surfaces like walls, so they can continue…

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Less Than Cuddly Caterpillars

Less Than Cuddly Caterpillars As a little kid many of us are fascinated by insects. Think of when you were young and wanted to pick up a bright red ladybug or catch fireflies in glass jars. Not all insects immediately make us want to run away or start screaming. Some look downright cute. This is…

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