Return to sender

Return to sender

What would you do if you received a package, marked return to sender, only to find a very large and very aggressive tarantula inside? This happened to a homeowner recently and left him stunned.

When the homeowner received a package addressed to the previous tenant, he decided to open it only to find the third largest spider in the world held captive. It is estimated the Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater was alive in the now moldy container for up to three weeks. He decided to take it to the vet because it was such a rare find.

This species of tarantulas are known to have inch long fangs, and have the ability to kick hairs from their abdomens that could cause human blindness. This particular spider was very unhealthy at the time the vet examined it. After three weeks of circulating through the postal service and being exposed to mold, it was very dehydrated and was suffering from hair loss on its stomach.

As a blanket statement, tarantulas are usually docile and non-aggressive. They can be beautiful to watch as they move and some people even choose to keep them as pets. This species however is very dangerous and thankfully, for all those involved, this story has a happy ending and no spiders or humans were harmed in the end.

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