It’s big and exotic – the wolf spider

It’s big and exotic – the wolf spider

Typically these creatures are found at night in south western desert regions. They are nocturnal and feast on beetles and other insects. However, if bitten by one, a human can experience the same symptoms of a nasty hornet’s sting.

The wolf spider is known to overpower its prey by releasing a venomous bite that paralyzes. They love a strong base of grasshoppers, beetles and other smaller spiders. They are like most spiders in the way they will hunt. They come out at night in search of food. They have eight eyes total, 2 larger ones in the front. They also have six smaller eyes on the sides of its head. The larger eyes have better ability to focus in on prey while the smaller eyes tend to find light sources.

Their bites are not deadly to humans, but that doesn’t deem them non dangerous. If given the opportunity to bite children or elderly whose skin hasn’t become very tough, the spider can bite fully through causing pain and a lot of irritation.

If you think you have a problem with wolf spiders in your home, you should call a local pest control company to come evaluate and come up with a strategy on how to treat the issues.

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