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What’s popular this fall?

Just like fashion, everyone is asking the question, which bug will be popular this fall? Of course with its beautiful black and red markings, I’m sure the box elder bug will top the list of most popular bugs of fall.

These black pests have three red markings down their backs and are oblong in shape. The adults are usually the ones that will make it into your home, and the nymphs will be found in trees surrounding the home. They are attracted to ash and maple trees as well as fruit and nut trees. They will also congregate on the sunny side of your home as they enjoy the warmth of the fall season. Fall is the time of year for mating and they will congregate in large groups looking for shelter to begin the mating process.

The best way to ensure they don’t work their way right into your home is to carefully inspect your home for any cracks in the walls or seals that may not be tight. Make sure that you have screens on your windows, and that door jams are secure with no leaks as well


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