Award for Insect Repellent Clothing and Blankets

Award for Insect Repellent Clothing and Blankets

Insect Repellent Shield Technology recently won the Do It Best Members Choice Award for their insect repellent technology used in clothes as well as blankets. The Insect Shield Repellent blankets and bandanas were chosen among hundreds of other contenders for this coveted award. The award gets Insect Repellent Shield internet marketing from the Do It Best company and will help them expand their merchandise and increase sales.

Insect Shield Repellent Apparel and Gear uses a novel technology to provide long-lasting protection against insects in the more convenient form of clothing and other wearable gear. Years of research and testing went into creating this new product. They are a huge hit with the U.S. Army and Marine Corps for the use against catching dangerous illness from insects such as mosquitos. Rather than having to glob on smelly, sticky lotion to protect yourself from nasty insects, with Insect Shield Repellent Clothing and Apparel you can simply pull on a shirt or cover yourself with one of their bandanas, which will repel insects for hours.

Would you try out this new form of insect repellent?

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