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Christmas Tree Critters

What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? You can’t possibly celebrate this holiday without going through the ritual of stringing lights around your tree and hanging decorative bulbs and perhaps some popcorn. But resting at the very center of this happy holiday tradition are thousands of insect. Researchers have found that as many as 25,000 insects such as mites, moths, spiders, and bark lice may be inhabiting your Christmas tree.

But, don’t panic yet. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that you haven’t noticed any popping out at you all these years? Apparently that’s because they’ve already gone into hibernation. Some may wake up when brought into your warm house, but most of them tend to stay right where they are and die within a few days. This is why you’ve never noticed a giant swarm of bugs heading toward you when you begin stringing those lights. They’re also great at hiding and some are invisible to the naked eye. Officials also say there is only a very small risk of ticks, but you might want to keep your dog from sleeping under the tree just in case.

Also, don’t even bother trying to clean your tree or get these bugs out. It’s basically impossible, and you’ll only end up hurting the tree.

Did you know thousands of insects were hiding inside your Christmas tree? Have you ever seen any?

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