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Are Bee’s the Only Crop Pollinators?

According to scientists at the University of New England, insects other than bees (such as flies, beetles, moths, butterflies, wasps and ants) are important to the process of crop pollinating. In fact, they are efficient pollinators providing at least 39% (concurring from studies done to 480 fields for 17 crops examined in 39 studies on five continents) of visits to crop flowers

With the bee population steadily declining, a non-bee insect is insurance for us. “Although non-bees were less effective pollinators than bees per flower visit, they provided slightly more visits,” Dr. Rader at the University of New England explained.  Radar added, “Non-bee insect pollinators had other advantages. Fruit set in crops increased with non-bee insect visits, independently of bee visitation rates, indicating that non-bee insects provide a unique benefit not provided by bees.

Scientists say “a shift in perspective from a bee-only focus is needed for assessments of crop pollinator biodiversity and the economic value of pollination.”

Did you know that it isn’t only bees that pollinate?

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