Horrifying Video of Centipede Wolfing Down a Live Cockroach

Horrifying Video of Centipede Wolfing Down a Live Cockroach

Be aware, if you click the video link below that this video is pretty gruesome!

Click HERE for the video!

In the stomach-churning video above, we witness a centipede eating a cockroach live!

We first see the cockroach minding its own business on a rock when the centipede approaches and things take a turn for the worse. The cockroach first tries to cover up and put its head down but the centipede attack from all angles. The centipede then tries to attack the cockroach from underneath as it covers the entire cockroach with its body. The centipede even is able to puncture the cockroach’s hard outer shell and after see a white liquid from the cockroach trickle down the rock. Once the centipede punctures the cockroach’s shell, it then breaks the cockroach in two, WHILE IT’S STILL MOVING, and continues to eat the cockroach. Once the centipede is finished eating he wanders off only leaving behind a couple of cockroach legs. Talk about a dine and dash!

What did you think of the video?! Cool? Traumatic?

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