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Archive for January 2016

Mechanical Insects

Mechanical Insects Researchers have recently discovered what looks like mechanical gears on the tiny hopping insect, Issus coleoptratus. While other examples of mechanical gear-like structures have been found on other animals, they have proved to be simply ornamental. The structure found on the Issus, however, actually functions like our geared systems. The juvenile Issus has…

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Fire Ants Love to Dig

Fire Ants Love to Dig Fire ants have taken over the lower third of the United States with their invasive complex mounds, tunnels and homes; roughly occupying around 300 million acres. According to a new study, fire ants digging technique, is the same concept as Jenga, the popular children’s game. Each particle within the tunnel…

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Walking On Water

Walking On Water You may have heard of certain organisms that have the ability to walk or run on water, but only pygmy mole cricket can jump on water. For these strange insects water actually feels different to their feet. Rather than sink into it like most animals, the feet of the pygmy mole cricket…

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Baby Insects at Bristol Zoo

Baby Insects at Bristol Zoo Until they were rediscovered in 2001, Lord Howe Island stick insects were thought to be extinct. In an international effort to preserve their species and hopefully increase their number, two months ago scientists sent batches of eggs to Bristol Zoo in in England as well as 2 other zoos to…

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Great Insects for Your Garden

Great Insects for Your Garden If you have a garden then you are naturally going to have insect inhabiting it. Harmful insect can be a gardeners nightmare, but there are many beneficial insects that will naturally take care of your pest problem. The green lacewing is an excellent bug to have on your team. They…

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Bed Bugs | Waco Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs Bed bugs have been around for a long time so it’s no news that they drive people crazy! According to a recent study, Pest Control Technology found that 60% of travelers who see bed bugs will switch hotels or demand a refund. The survey also found that business travelers were more tolerant because…

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Stopping the Spread

Stopping the Spread As crazy as it sounds (or maybe not crazy at all) invasive insects cost the U.S. an estimated $120 billion a year in damages to our environment, agriculture and native species. Below I will list out 5 invasive pests, and how you can stop their spread! Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP): A disease-infected…

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99 Million Year Old Beetle

99 Million Year Old Beetle 100 million years ago, a tiny beetle flew into a coniferous tree and was overcome in its resin. The resin fossilized into amber and encased the beetle. Machael Caterino, director of the Clemson University Arthropod Collection, said, “This is an extraordinary 99 million-year-old fossil in Burmese amber. We can see…

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