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Travel Warning

Public health officials have issued a warning against traveling to Mexico, Latin America, and the Big Island of Hawaii due to increased reports of dengue fever and chikungunya. People need to take extra care against getting mosquito bites when traveling to these areas, wearing insect repellant and protective clothing. They warn that the mosquitos carrying these diseases are aggressive daytime biters. With the reports of the diseases having also increased in the U.S., officials are especially worried about people bringing back more trouble than they left with.

Of the 164 cases of chikungunya and 90 cases of dengue that have been reported in California this year all of them were people who traveled to these areas where transmission of the diseases occur. Most of these patients had a history of traveling to Latin America especially. This proves that it is people bringing these diseases and disease-carrying mosquitos back with them to the U.S. and endangering other citizen’s lives. They didn’t just magically show up here. We are bringing these diseases home with us. It’s time people become more aware and proactive against letting these nasty diseases devastate our own country.

Have you traveled to any of these places? What measures do you think officials should take to prevent more people from bringing these possibly fatal diseases to the U.S.?

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