Your Insect-Filled Home

Your Insect-Filled Home

You probably think unless you see an insect or insects in your home that there aren’t that many inhabiting it, but you’d be dead wrong. What you don’t know is that you actually have dozens of hidden roommates living under almost every surface of every room in your house. A recent study conducted in North Carolina inspected 554 rooms in 50 houses and found that all but five of those rooms contained arthropods, a fancy term for most insects. They devised that according to these findings, you can be sure that your home probably houses at least 100 different species of arthropod. And researchers say that it a conservative guess. But, officials assure this is nothing for you to get too upset about. For the most part these insects are drawn to your home because of the light and warmth, but they can’t actually survive there. So, most of them die pretty soon after they try to settle in. Isn’t that great news? This means that most the insects inside your house are dead. I don’t know about you, but this makes me very nervous about doing a thorough cleaning of my home. Who knows what you’ll find…

What insect have you found in your home?

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