Movie, Popcorn … and Mice?

Movie, Popcorn … and Mice?

There is nothing quite like sinking into your sofa with an ice-cold drink and popcorn in hand to watch your favorite flick or binge on the latest Netflix original series.

But what if you found out the popcorn you were about to dig into had been contaminated by mice? This is the situation that caused a Bay Area popcorn factory to shut down its operations.

According to reports, mice were spotted in a Kettlepop factory and in the subsequent weeks they were found alongside equipment and popcorn materials. Needless to say, this caused factory management to take action.

“We’ve been shut down for two weeks, so we have not been producing anything. Anything that was produced in the facility was destroyed,” said Kettlepop General Manager, Aaron Reimer. “Safety’s always our first priority, and nothing will be leaving this facility that has any question whatsoever of food safety.”

The company took action by hiring a professional pest control company to address the problem. Remember, any occurrence of mice in a home or business is a job for pest control experts who specialize in rodent control.

What do you think? Will you think of this story the next time you dig into some popcorn? Do you think Kettlepop took the right steps to address the problem?



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