Debugging Airplanes

Debugging Airplanes

What is one of the main problems airplanes face when it comes to saving on fuel and stay sustainable? Would you believe it’s insects? Yep, insect splatting on the windshield and body of aircraft when they take off and are increasing their elevation causes a major disruption of the plane’s ability to fly smoothly and thereby use less fuel. Getting rid of the bug factor could lower airline’s fuel bills and emissions by a whopping 10 percent. So, companies have been apparently trying to develop a way to fix this little pest problem for years, and an answer may have just been found.

NASA has been the main ones behind developing a coating for planes that would make splattered bugs slide off easily. They’ve tested one hi-tech coating that proved to reduce insect residue by 40 percent. NASA now has a product that turns the outside of airplanes into non-stick cookware, keeping insects from adhering to the surface. They are preparing to make the products available for licensing by private companies in the near future.

Do you think non-stick airplanes would make for a smoother, more enjoyable ride for customers?

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