Fastest Insect On Earth?

Fastest Insect On Earth?

We all know what the fastest animal in the world is right? It’s the cheetah, in case you didn’t. But most people don’t ever ponder what the fastest insect in the world is. Well, one scientist raised up to that challenge, and the results are in. Thomas Merritt set out in 1999 to discover the fastest running insect in the world. There are a few rules, though. The insect has to have been timed five times and the results have to appear in a scientific journal.

The bronze medalist is probably going to make you want to run away screaming. The American cockroach can run 5 feet in one second., which equals a speed of 3.4 mph. Yep, those nasty cockroaches that hide under the cupboard in your kitchen are one of the fastest insects on the planet. You can never escape them. Coming in second  and first place are two species of Australian tiger beetle, Cicindella eburneola and Cicindella hudsoni. They each clocked in at 4.2 mph and 5.6 mph respectively. The gold medalist runs so fast that at its top speed its visual system cannot keep up, so it’s literally running blind.

Did you know insects could run that fast? Does it terrify and concern you that the cockroach is in third place? It certainly does that to me…

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