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Archive for May 2016

Discovery of World’s Only Blind Flying Cave Insect

When I think of flying insects, I generally assume that they can see. Well, apparently that is no longer the case. Scientists recently discovered a new species of non-biting midge in the Lukina Jama cane system, the 14th deepest cave in the world, 1,432 meters underground in Southern Croatia. The Troglocladius hajdi is completely blind,…

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Drones Now Being Used to Fight Mosquitos

Insect-borne diseases or vector-borne diseases account for seventeen percent of all diseases worldwide.  One million people die of these diseases every year, and 2.5 people globally are at risk of catching Dengue Fever, and this figure does not count other diseases such as Zika or Malaria.  And many mosquitos are becoming resistant to insecticides.  But…

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A Better Mosquito Repellent on the Horizon

You’re probably familiar with mosquito repellents that contain concentrations of DEET or Picaridin. They’re the most common on the market. But, scientists have recently created a different chemical combination that works even better shielding you against mosquito bites than the already impressive DEET. The way DEET products, and most other mosquito repellents, work in order…

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Bee Battles Rage on

In the hot deserts of Australia wars are being waged every day for ultimate power and control. Epic battles are fought to gain territory and emerge as conquerors, much like Alexander the Great laid great nations to waste to build up the great Roman Empire. It is not humans fighting this time, but species of…

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Insects With Personalities

It’s commonly understood that a person’s personality will play a large role in determining what job field they end up going into. But, did you know that scientists have recently found that the same can be said for insects, particularly spiders? There are a small number of species of social spiders, and each one’s personality…

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How Insects May Soon Interfere With Beef Production

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, or if your 4th of July celebration will consist of enthusiastic tofu-burger consumption, then you may rejoice in the possibility that your beef loving counterparts are faced with a threat to their ability to consume animal flesh.  However, this particular threat will not spare the lives of…

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Plant Can Hear Munching Caterpillars and Defend Themselves

You’ve probably heard of plants reacting to certain stimuli such as light, temperature, and touch, but a new study suggests that one plant can also hear. The mousear cress can actually hear the unique, high-amplitude vibrations that the cabbage butterfly caterpillar produces when they munching on the leaves of this plant. When the plant hears…

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This Guy’s Job Has to “Sting” a Little

Justin Schmidt works as an entomologist traveling all over the world doing what he loves.  Who would not like to travel to exotic lands while getting paid to do so?  Well, if the job involves being stung by every insect that is capable of stinging, you may just sleep on it before packing your bags.…

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Queenless Ants Bite Off Their Mates Abdomen After Mating

Queenless Ants Bite Off Their Mates Abdomen After Mating Humans have some pretty weird sexual habits, but I’m pretty sure they don’t even come close to the mating habits of the queenless ants. The females of the species are pretty brutal to their mates, using them for sex and then enacting a pretty brutal method…

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