Bat-Bugs Will Sacrifice Even the Greatest of Pleasures to Avoid Injury

Have you ever heard of Bat-Bugs?  Well, trust me, you don’t like them.  I suppose you can assume that they are perhaps not the most pleasant creatures based on their moniker alone, but let me fill you in anyway.

I assume that if you are reading this, you do not consider bed bugs to be a welcome addition to your late night slumber parties.  Bedbugs do not make for cute pets, and these bat-bugs have an awful lot in common with them, such as, you know, sucking your blood and defecating wherever they please–not the ideal roommate.  Well, maybe these bat bugs don’t fancy the taste of your blood like bedbugs do, but they will bite you and they prefer to suck the blood of bats, but this does not help their reputation.

What is perhaps most disturbing about these devil-spawns is their sexual life.  Sadly, the females of the species have been forced to develop natural bodily defenses against the naturally spike-like shape of the male reproductive organ.  So, researchers breathed a sigh of relief for these female bat bugs once they took notice of their natural evolutionary adaptation, which protects them from murder on the part of the males’ sexual organ.  However, not to be shut out of the game of murder, male bat bugs are now using their uniquely homicidal technique on other males!  I understand insects are important to the ecosystem and all, but lets just kill these guys!

Can you think of any other insect mating habits that sound even more horrific than that of the bat-bugs? What is the deal with all the murderous insect sex?

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