Being Wary of Wasps

Let’s be honest. Wasps are scary. They seem to get angry at the slightest provocation, can sting you multiple times, and will swarm even if you just bug one of their members. For these and many other reasons you want to be especially careful of staying on their good side. Here are some tips that may save you from a painful sting and possibly even death.

You want to avoid angering even one single wasp at all cost, and in all honesty unless you swat one or accidentally collide with one, you are unlikely to get stung. You might want to avoid wearing perfume or scented soap when enjoying the outdoors this summer, as wasps are often attracted by different odors in the environment. Abandon all dreams of being a free-spirited flower child, running through the green grass with your bare feet. Please just wear some freaking shoes, especially around clover and blooming ground covers. You’ll be thankful you did.

While you may have a strong desire to show your wild side and prance around in bright, happy colors, this is a great way to attract wasps, and there is nothing happy about getting stung. If a curious wasp does happen to approach you, don’t panic, stay very still, and eventually it will fly on its merry way.

Put on your smart cap, and practice some caution this summer. Don’t bother the wasp, and it might just let you live…

How do you react when a curious wasp decides you smell interesting?


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