Woman Kills Record 4 Million Mosquitos

For those who are constantly bothered by these blood-suckers, the thought of being able to kill millions of them must sound like s dream come true. Well, one woman actually did it for a contest held n Taiwan.

Huang Yuyen, a pig farmer from Taiwan, was able to kill over 4 million mosquitos in just one month. Why did this slaughter occur? Well a company that sells bug-catchers, Imbictus International, asked people to use their environmentally friendly mosquito traps to catch as many mosquitos as they could in one month. The person that caught the most would win $3,000.

Well Yuyen blew the rest of the competition out of the water. The person in second place had only managed to catch half of what Yuyen did. Yuyen used 10 of the company’s bug catchers around her pig farm for a month, and managed to catch 90 mosquitos every minute for that entire month. Now that’s impressive. If I were you, I’d be buying a few of these traps immediately for my own yard.

What other kinds of mosquito traps have you tried to use? How many mosquitos were you able to catch?

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