This Centipede Will Take You By Surprise

The Giant Redheaded Centipede looks just like its name would you lead you to think. They are found in Australia (of course) as well as parts of the southwestern United States. I am sure you have seen centipedes before, but this particular centipede can reach lengths measuring twenty centimeters in length, and can have as many as twenty three pairs of legs.

Typically these nasty creatures are found under logs in forests, but they have been known to creep their way into homes. When people spot one of these centipedes in their home they usually cannot believe what they are seeing due to their enormous size.

These centipedes can take down a number of large size prey by grasping at them with their numerous sharp legs. Not only that but these critters have fangs that let out a deadly venom. A bite on a human will always result in severe pain and sometimes necrosis of the tissue, but less often the venom can sometimes kill a human via heart attack. If you ever find one of these critters in your home then don’t confront it, just move out.

How big was the largest centipede you’ve ever seen?

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