Horses No Longer Have to Contend with Flying Pests with the Weatherbeeta Supa Fly Insect Shield

If you are at all familiar with riding and tending horses, then you know that flies absolutely love to torture these poor animals, buzzing around their heads, biting their sensitive noses and eyes, and swarming so heavily around their faces that I sometimes wonder how they can see through all those bodies. Anytime I’ve seen a horse being mauled by flies, I can’t help but notice how miserable they seem. So, finding a good insect deterrent is really important, especially during the summer.

The Weatherbeeta Supa Fly Insect Shield Detach A Neck Fly Sheet seems to be the answer to every horse’s prayers. The Supa Fly sheet is a mesh covering that can be placed over a horse’s entire torso including its rump and neck. This is honestly the best product for keeping away flies and other biting insects that I’ve ever come across. The material is super strong yet very lightweight, meaning it not only keeps pests from biting the animal’s skin, but it also keeps them from overheating under the hot sun. And that’s not all! The material is made with Insect Shield technology, warding off flies, mosquitos, ticks, and fleas for up to 25 washes. It also protects your horse from 70% of UV rays. I could seriously go on and on about the benefits of this product. Basically, if you have a horse and you love that horse, you want to consider outfitting it with one of these nifty things.

How do you protect your beloved pet(s) from annoying insects?

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