The Male Horsefly Can Catch Pellets Shot From Guns

A man by the name of Jerry Butler, an entomologist, somehow managed to get a male Horsefly to fly after a pellet shot from a pellet gun. Amazingly the Horsefly was able to catch up to the pellet after it was shot from a gun. The pellet was traveling at 145 kilometers per hour, which means that the male Horsefly can travel at least that fast. For a comparison, your average housefly can travel only a mere eight miles per hour.

This experiment confirmed the male Horsefly as the fastest insect in the world that is known to man. However, calculating the speed at which an insect is capable of flying is a difficult task. In fact, it is so difficult that scientists need to resort to using pellet guns just to get an idea of how fast a bug can fly, and this will only work if the bug will even bother chasing the pellet.

Do you think that using a pellet gun to ascertain a bug’s speed, like what was done in the experiment mentioned above, is sufficient to get a scientific measure of how fast a bug can travel?

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