Spider-Silk Helps Researchers Build New Microscopic Lens

Whether you are a science buff or more of a humanities guy, it could be assumed that every adult knows what a microscope is, and what it is used for in most cases. Well, not too many people are familiar with the material that makes up spider silk, but the few that do believe that…

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How To Prevent Tick Bites That Cause Lyme Disease

How To Prevent Tick Bites That Cause Lyme Disease The Blacklegged Tick is every outdoorsman’s worst nightmare next to bigfoot. These ticks transmit bacteria to humans and other animals that cause Lyme disease. Two notable doctors working for the Centers for Disease Control insist that they know of the best methods for preventing Lyme disease.…

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Scientists Turn Deadly Insect Venom Into Life Saving Medicine

When most people think of deadly insect venom, they imagine being rushed to the hospital, probably as they writhe in excruciating pain. But the researchers at Venomtech are working to transform these toxic substances into lifesaving medicines. By isolating specific chemical components in some of the most dangerous insect venom they hope to develop powerful…

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The Tobacco Hornworm’s Genome

Scientists have finally sequenced the genome of the tobacco hornworm. This caterpillar species is often used by researchers to study insect biology in general. They use it as a kind of model of biology for all insects. The project was a huge collaborative effort involving researchers from all over the world, and serves as a…

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Death By Insect

You would think that insects, being as miniscule in size as they are compared to humans, wouldn’t pose much of a threat to us. True, mosquitos, ticks, and fleas spread pretty awful diseases, but for the most part insects can’t usually kill us directly. It’s the disease that kills people, and the insect just happens…

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The Invasion Of The Brown Widow Has Arrived

We have all heard about the black widow spider before, but what about its lesser known cousin the brown widow? Probably not, because this spider has always been found in tropical areas, until recently that is. Lately residents of the Southeastern United States have been reporting brown widow sightings, and they are only increasing. Entomologists…

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