It Is True! Bugs Can Crawl Into Your Ears!

It is commonly believed that over the course of our lives we will consume a whole lot of spiders by inadvertently eating them in our sleep. And not only that, but there are several common stories that talk about bugs laying eggs inside different body cavities in humans. These stories are believed to be myths, but the fact is doctors do see emergency room visits involving bugs in body cavities.

An adult male was found with a queen cockroach living inside of his ear, and not only the queen, but twenty five of her babies as well. This unfortunate man woke in the middle of the night with pain coming from his inner ear. Thinking that this was only an ear infection, the man went back to sleep and went to the doctor in the morning. According to the doctors, if the man had waited another day to visit the hospital, then his entire ear would have been destroyed.

It takes around twenty five to seventy days for a queen can see her eggs hatch, so you can imagine how long this roach was in this poor guy’s ear. Cockroaches prefer warm and moist climates, just like our inner ear, so we may not want to dismiss the idea of bugs invading our bodies.

If some bugs prefer warm and moist climates, then why do experts believe that bugs do not prefer to crawl into our ears or mouth when we sleep?

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