Scientists Discover A New Type Of Centipede

An insect enthusiast vacationing in Thailand lifted a rock with the hopes that maybe he would stumble upon an undiscovered type of bug. He did indeed find a creature that he had never seen before, but a colleague of his had just discovered it in the same country. That is a bummer for the guy vacationing, but at least he got to study it before anyone else. The centipede has been named Scolopendra Cataracta, and it measured eight inches in length, and swims!

Not only is this centipede long, but it is also the only centipede know to be aquatic. This centipede is even “horrific looking” to entomologists as it has amazingly long and numerous legs with a greenish black color covering its body. If being an ugly swimmer was not enough, this centipede also enjoys the distinction of being the most venomous centipede yet discovered. One bite from the centipede will not kill you, but you would suffer the pain for a few days, at which point you may want to die anyways.


Which centipede, living or extinct, reached the greatest body length?

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