How To Prevent Tick Bites That Cause Lyme Disease

How To Prevent Tick Bites That Cause Lyme Disease

The Blacklegged Tick is every outdoorsman’s worst nightmare next to bigfoot. These ticks transmit bacteria to humans and other animals that cause Lyme disease. Two notable doctors working for the Centers for Disease Control insist that they know of the best methods for preventing Lyme disease. Given their extensive research on Lyme disease, I am inclined to follow their advice, which focuses on personal protection and controlling the bacteria that causes Lyme disease in the environment.

As far as personal protection goes, there is the obvious choice of long sleeved clothing when out and about in tick populated areas like the woods. And insect repellent containing DEET is very effective, eighty percent effective in fact. However, essential oils such as nootkatone and carvacrol are also believed to be just as effective.

In order to gain a little control over the spread of the Lyme disease bacteria as well as the ticks that spread them in your environment, it is essential that you clear your front and back yards of all pieces of stray wood as well as burning vegetation. Also, ticks enjoy hanging out on the edges of your front and back yard, so creating a barrier around a meter wide using gravel or wood chips has been reported to work very well. The experts know best. Stay safe this summer.

Given the increasing cases of Lyme disease over the past few decades, would it not be a sensible use of money to find scientifically proven techniques or products to help prevent or combat Lyme disease infection?

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