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Archive for September 2016

Fruit Flies Force Their Young To Drink Booze

Researchers from Emory University have recently published a study describing how adult fruit flies protect their larvae from parasitic wasps. A mother fruit fly will protect her larvae from predators by…well…forcing alcohol onto them. Despite the fruit flies liking of fermented fruit, the mothers are not trying to share the joys of alcohol intoxication with…

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How Black Widow’s Try To Discourage Cannibalism In Their Young

It is not just female black widows consuming their male mates after copulation, but young black widow siblings seem programmed to try to kill each other. Researchers have discovered that black widow mothers produce egg sacs that are all the same size, and black widow spiderlings all grow at the same rate, making it impossible…

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Experts Discover That Zika May Be Transmitted Through Bodily Fluids

Until recently experts were under the impression that Zika could only be transmitted through sexual activity, blood transfusions, bites from the Zika carrying mosquito, and an infected mother can pass the disease to her unborn child. However, a recent case coming from Utah suggests that the virus can be spread by other means, such as…

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Rare Predatory Slugs Are Attacking Birds!

Some people remain lucky enough to have never laid eyes on a slug. Even your literal garden-variety slug is quite ugly and ultimately wrong looking. It is a wonder they can get around since they do not seem to be in possession of legs. They move sort of like snakes, only they lack all of…

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Overnight Bites That Are Not From Bed Bugs

When you wake up in the morning to find bug bites on you, most of us are inclined to freak out and believe our homes have been infested by bed bugs. I know I’ve done that numerous times, and later found that I didn’t have bed bugs at all. There are many other insects that…

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Are Spiders Getting Bigger?

Increasing rates of urbanization have detrimental effects on animals living within an ecosystem. This is no wonder since concrete is not as hospitable to jungle dwelling animals as vegetation. Although most animals do not fare well in the city, there are some animals that absolutely thrive in urban environments. One example of this phenomena is…

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How Dangerous Are Spider Bites?

Spiders may not be as much of a threat to our well being as mosquitoes, but that does not mean that it is sensible to dismiss them as completely harmless. For example, the wolf spider and the brown recluse can hide easily in little crevices located throughout our homes even when they are pregnant and…

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Is it A Moth Or A Butterfly?

The University of Florida was the first to utilize genetic sequencing to create a map showing the biodiversity and family tree of moths and butterflies. Apparently there are many more butterflies in the world than previously thought, as the study showed that many moths are genetically butterflies. Currently a genetic revolution is taking place in…

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