Cyborg Beetles Are Now A Thing

Researchers have managed to use technology to control a beatles movements, which is a first for mankind. This new cyborg beetle comes after a recent study in which a beetle was strapped to an electronic device that controlled where the beetle flew. So now they have crawling and flying completely under human control. But why?

One scientist who had worked on the study suggested that one day these controlled beetles will be used for humanitarian purposes, so feeling sorry for them is the wrong attitude. The tiny beetles could be used to access small areas where current drones cannot on account of their large size. For example, the electronic beetle could travel into small nooks where people may be trapped as a result of a building collapse. These beetle cyborgs are also an advantage over existing technology that is used for the same purpose because not as many parts are needed, as the beetles’ body makes up the majority of the devices function. I get the feeling that these beetles could also be used for malicious purposes, so let’s hope they at least save some lives.

Could this cyborg beetle be used to travel into small areas no matter what the terrain is made of without problems?

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