How Dangerous Are Spider Bites?

Spiders may not be as much of a threat to our well being as mosquitoes, but that does not mean that it is sensible to dismiss them as completely harmless. For example, the wolf spider and the brown recluse can hide easily in little crevices located throughout our homes even when they are pregnant and carrying hundreds of eggs.

Spider bites are generally rare and spiders will likely not bite a human unless they are physically picked up. In the United Kingdom there are only twelve spiders that are even capable of breaking the skin of a human. However, a spider bite can easily become infected or cause an allergic reaction.

Then again, it should not be taken for granted that having spiders in our homes is beneficial in some respects, since they consume flies and other germ carrying insects. But if you see a spider in your home that appears to be carrying eggs, or if you wake up in the morning with fresh bug-bites, then you will probably want to call your exterminator.

Have you ever seen a spider in your home that was carrying eggs? And is so, what did you do about it?


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