Rare Predatory Slugs Are Attacking Birds!

Some people remain lucky enough to have never laid eyes on a slug. Even your literal garden-variety slug is quite ugly and ultimately wrong looking. It is a wonder they can get around since they do not seem to be in possession of legs. They move sort of like snakes, only they lack all of the useful evolutionary traits, like being fast. Despite the notion that slugs are boring and ugly, new research published in the Journal of Avian Biology tells a different story. Although slugs may not be intimidating it seems that there does exist a particular class of slug that is downright predatory.

Researchers have observed large slugs of the Arion genus slowly waddling towards bird’s nests with the intention of devouring the mother-bird’s eggs. Needless to say it is rare to see predatory behavior from of slugs. Not only does this particular slug surprise researchers with its murderous ways, but also even the birds themselves cannot seem to entertain the idea that such slugs are harmful. For example, the mother makes no attempt to attack the slug or protect her young even when the mother can clearly see these slugs slowly moving towards her nest. Even when a hungry slug has engulfed the eggs the mother still attempts to incubate her young by sitting atop the slug itself. Researchers are not exactly sure why this slug is not treated more like a predator; perhaps it is a new mutant slug.

Why do you think these mother birds don’t treat these slugs like a predator and protect their children?

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