Which Types Of Insects Might Make A Home In Your Ear And What To Do About It

If anybody has ever told you that bugs will not crawl into your orifices while you are sleeping at night, then they were either lying, or, more likely, they truly thought that terrible things like that actually do not really happen. Well those people do not know what they are talking about because doctors report patients coming into the emergency room with bugs in their orifices often. According to health care professionals it is not uncommon for terrified people to seek medical attention for insects stuck in their ears.

In most cases such as these the bugs will become trapped inside of a person’s inner ear, and will be unable to find the way out. In other cases the bug will become aggressive over its new confined living area and will make attempts to escape, such as banging and chewing on the thin membrane that coats a person’s eardrum.

One particular case had a woman with an earwig stuck inside of her ear. The doctors were not able to get to it, so instead they waited for the earwig to eat its way through the woman’s skull in order to exit out of her opposite ear. Unfortunately, this is a true story.

Have you ever suspected that an insect was living in your ear?

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