Pigs Will Eat Anything

You’ve probably been hearing about the insect eating trend that has been sweeping across the world. Insects appear to be the answer to all of our problems with sustainability, as they are an inexpensive source of sustenance and provide much more of the nutrients our bodies need such as protein and essential vitamins and minerals. But people aren’t the only ones insects are being pushed on. Insects could provide a cheap, sustainable, and healthy food source for that meat we humans crave. This means we humans could still eat traditional meat sources, and they’d be cheaper to feed as well as less of a burden on the Earth. And now the first commercial animal feed, piglet feed to be precise, made with insect oil is finally on the market.

The Dutch feed company Coppens Animal Feed teamed up with Protix to develop a new feed formula made with insect oil that is suitable for weaner pigs. Not only is this new feed better for the environment; it’s actually healthier for the pigs. The addition of the insects to the feed mix reduce bacteria, meaning farmers would need to use less antibiotics, and amazingly the animals actually seem to like the stuff, which translates into a higher feed intake. This leads to the pigs having a fuller stomach, which leads to better gut health and less diarrhea. While the idea of using a more sustainable feed has already attracted farmers to the product, the health benefits for the pigs, which means increased production, is what really sold them.

Do you think using insects in animal feed will become the new trend? Would you eat pigs that have been raised on insects?

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