Insects As Biofuel

A company known as HiProMine (HPM) is planning on using insects to create everything from cosmetic products to fuel for space missions. The variety of different bugs that are kept at HPM feed off of waste from meat, fruit and other types of food waste that is gathered from nearby food industries. It turns out that different insects can produce different types of biofuel.

The company currently produces fifteen tons of insects per month, and that number will likely increase as the researchers perfect their technology. Although producing insects for commercial purposes may seem new, it is not. China’s silkworm, for example, has been mass-produced by humans for the past five thousand years. The silkworm is farmed in order to procure silk that is used to make clothes and other products. What HPM is doing is not a whole lot different; only they are farming a whole lot more insect, for many different industrial purposes. The researchers working at HPM believe that their bugs will be used as fuel for some of the initial missions to Mars.

Do you consider it unethical to create bugs in order to use them to make fuel?

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