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Archive for November 2016

There Are Even More Ways You Can Catch the Zika Virus

Most people know that they can catch the Zika virus through the bite of a mosquito. It is also pretty well known now that you can catch the disease through sexual intercourse. But, it turns out that there is yet another way you can catch this virus that involves neither of these scenarios. A recent…

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The Most Bizarre Zika Control Method Yet

Well, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to this whole Zika mess, I am just “tired”. And that is a good thing. And no! I have no desire to sleep. Instead I am saying that “tires” can be used to create, an admittedly strange, but reputably effective, method of Zika control. The…

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Pastor Uses Insecticide to Heal His Congregant’s Souls

The power of faith can have quite amazing healing abilities, and has been reported to once in a while bring about miracles. I generally thought that it was holy water that was supposed to be used to anoint followers of the Christian faith. Pastor Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA), in Limpopo…

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Millipede Found To Have An Incredible Amount Of Legs

In Latin the word millipede” means “one thousand feet”, but the vast majority of millipedes have less than one hundred feet. However, a rare millipede that sports an impressive four hundred and fourteen legs has been found in a California cave. This makes this millipede the animal with the second highest number of feet. At…

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Elephants Are Frightened To Death By Ants

According to the all time film classic, Dumbo, elephants are scared silly by the mere presence of mice. Since an elephant is probably five thousand times the size of a mouse, the cartoon relationship between these two animals is supposed to be meant for laughs. But are elephants really afraid of mice? The answer is…

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The Connection Between Foot Odor And Malaria

Most of us can hardly tolerate the foul stench that emanates from own socks, let alone others. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, just cannot get enough of that gnarly odor. Currently scientists are in the process of creating traps for mosquitoes in order to study the vast amount of mosquitoes present in the population that…

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Popular Hotel Gets Sued Over Their Bedbug Problem

The famed Bonaventure Hotel is being sued by a person who claims to have come into contact with bedbugs while staying at the hotel. The alleged bedbug victim has filed a lawsuit against the hotel. The lawsuit claims that the victim suffered damages from the bedbug attack that include battery, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional…

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Some Insects Recovered Immediately After The The Dinosaur Extinction

Some Insects Recovered Immediately After The The Dinosaur ExtinctionSixty six million years ago an asteroid smashed into Chicxulub, Mexico. The blast created by the impact was so intense that it wiped out all of the dinosaurs as well as seventy five percent of all animal and plant life on earth. The meteor was so large…

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The Biggest Tarantula In The World Is A Real Sweetheart

Okay, so maybe the largest, the most terrifying, and ugliest tarantula may be a harmless little critter, but I would hate to find out. The largest spider known to man is called the goliath birdeater (GBE), and just taking one look at their menacing appearance will not give you the impression that they are safe…

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How Much Of A Nuisance Do Boxelder Bugs Pose?

Many homeowners have seen a wealth of boxelder bugs congregating on their property at some point. These bugs are mostly spotted during the fall as they are preparing to hibernate for the winter. These bugs often succeed at gaining entrance to peoples warm homes. Although these bugs may be annoying, do they pose a danger…

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