How Much Of A Nuisance Do Boxelder Bugs Pose?

Many homeowners have seen a wealth of boxelder bugs congregating on their property at some point. These bugs are mostly spotted during the fall as they are preparing to hibernate for the winter. These bugs often succeed at gaining entrance to peoples warm homes. Although these bugs may be annoying, do they pose a danger to your plant life or anything else?

The boxelder bug gets its name from the boxelder tree. Box elder trees are commonly found in residential areas, and it looks like a typical weed. One way of keeping boxelder bugs from invading your property involves removing boxelder trees from your yard. Another method of keeping boxelder bugs from your home would be to seal crevices and any opening on your home where bugs can gain entrance.

It would be a good idea to seal cracks and crevices around your home even if you don’t have a boxelder bug problem because it will keep your home warmer during the winter months. Boxelder bugs are not dangerous to you or the plant life in your yard, so if you do not mind looking at them then you don’t need to worry about them causing any real problems.

Have you ever seen boxelder bugs on your property? And if you have did the boxelder bugs pose any problems for you other than being unpleasing to the eye?


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