Millipede Found To Have An Incredible Amount Of Legs

In Latin the word millipede” means “one thousand feet”, but the vast majority of millipedes have less than one hundred feet. However, a rare millipede that sports an impressive four hundred and fourteen legs has been found in a California cave. This makes this millipede the animal with the second highest number of feet.

At first glance this millipede would not appear to sport the numerous feet that it does. The millipede is a little less than an inch in length. The millipede also had a strange anatomy, as it had four different feet devoted to transferring sperm to a female. But researchers were unable to find a female, so they still don’t know what mating looks like for this species of millipede. There is still much that is unknown about this species of millipede, and the area where it was found is not being released to the public on account of its sensitive ecosystem.

Which animal has the highest number of legs of all animals on earth? Is it an insect?


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