Spider Nearly Kills A Little Girl

Some people like to downplay the dangers that spiders pose to humans. However, some people have come close to death from spider bites in the past. Recently a little girl came close to death after a spider fell from her ceiling and bit her hand.

The mother of an eight year old girl found herself in a panic after discovering an infected spider bite on her daughter’s hand. Once the little girl, Abbie Kinnaird, arrived at the hospital she was promptly treated with antibiotics, and she required a four day stay. Later an exterminator was dispatched to the house where Abbie was staying only to find several more venomous spiders around the house and even in Abbie’s bed.

The exterminator identified the spiders as being brown recluses. The exterminator’s advice was to not return to the house where the girl was bit due to the high number of dangerous brown recluses found all over the house. Sometimes it can take weeks for a spider to come into contact with insecticide, so the Kinnaird’s have no problem avoiding their summer home for a few weeks if it means there will be no more risks to their lives. Abbie was forced to get a skin graft in order to repair the damage the wound caused to her hand. Luckily Abbie survived, however young children are the most at risk for acquiring fatal spider bites.

Were you ever bitten by a venomous spider as a young child?

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