The Giant Five Foot Scorpion That Used To Exist

If you have a fear of Scorpions then you should be grateful that giant scorpions are now extinct. Scorpions that reach lengths of five feet used to roam the riverbanks of present day Scotland. Researchers believe that the giant scorpions were active around three hundred and thirty million years ago.

Researchers have long debated whether or not these ancient scorpions lived solely in water, or if they can tolerate periods of time on land. Due to recently discovered evidence scientists are now certain that these scorpions could tolerate at least some amount of time out of the water. The most telling piece of evidence that suggests these scorpions walked on land is a fossil showing the tracks left by this scorpion as it lumbered its way through the mud.

Some researchers believe that the fossil clearly demonstrates that this huge scorpion was walking on land millions of years ago, this is because the tail of the scorpion left impressions in the mud that eventually became fossilized. However, other researchers believe that it is still hard to determine whether or not this creature lived on land as well as the water. The scorpion could have been active at the surface of the water, and many early tetrapods were making the transition from water to land around 350 million years ago, so this scenario makes sense. In any case, be grateful that you don’t find these creatures near your local pool.

Do you think that it is at least possible that the fossilized tracks could have belonged to another animal?


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