The Odd Evolution Of The Orchid Mantis

There are plenty of strange and exotic looking bugs in the world, and the orchid mantis is no exception. This bug has evolved to look exactly like a flower, which is a great for hiding from predators, or for ambushing prey. After decades of unsatisfied curiosity, scientists now seem to know why the orchid mantis in particular evolved to look like a flower.

Researchers believe that the orchid mantis evolved to resemble a flower because their ancestors ambushed their insect prey as they were busy pollinating flowers. After ages of being near flowers in order to catch easy prey, the orchid mantis finally evolved to look like a flower. Naturally the flower-like features belonging to the orchid mantis can be of great use while searching for prey. However, it is only the female orchid mantises that evolved to look like flowers. Unfortunately the males still have to hunt for their food the good old-fashioned way.

Which other insects evolved physical traits that help them blend in with the environment?



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