Several Majestic Looking Spiders Have Invaded A US National Park

National parks can be fun for about five to ten minutes, or until you have walked the entirety of the parks border. However, the animal life at Congaree National Park is a little bit different from what you would expect from a zoo. For decades more and more ocean life washed up to the shore, and many coastal spiders were pushed farther inland.

Although some non-native spiders can be a bit intimidating while in new and different environments, the golden orb weaver could easily dominate most native spiders with its various adaptations that has allowed for its continual success as a species. Apparently, we are not entirely safe. It has been stated by National Park officials that climate change was the sole perpetrator in this rapid proliferation of orb weaving insects, as well as many others.

Have you encountered any strange looking spiders lately that you think may have not be native?

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